Reading Groups

11 Sep

We have been practicing centers for the last couple of weeks. The students are doing an outstanding job at them! We are now ready to practice reading groups. Starting tomorrow (Monday), I will begin to pull guided reading groups and we will start reading together. Kiwi Bags will start coming home tomorrow also. Books will be coming home with their Kiwi Bags to read each night. Since next week is just practice, I will not be sending home reading charts for you to sign quite yet. We will start that on September 19th. Until then, please read the books in your child’s Kiwi Bag and practice the word ring if your child has one.

Not all 1st grade teachers are ready to practice reading groups quite yet, so if your child has another teacher for reading groups, I may be pulling them until the 19th is here. This means the book that they come home with may not be exactly the correct reading level they are at. Once the 19th is here though, the books should be more at their level. As for the groups I will keep, I plan on starting at a level but may need to change it once we get started.

Just a reminder that most groups will be reading the same book for 2 nights. The first night is to practice reading strategies and comprehension. The 2nd night is to practice expression, fluency, and comprehension.

Reading strategies you should look for when your child reads at home:
Look at the picture
Put your figure under the word
Get your mouth ready (start the word)
Find a chunk you know
What makes sense?
Go back and reread

Please let me know if you have any questions!


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